eDarley Dollars are here!

3% back on everything you buy on eDarley.com.

We are proud to announce eDarley Dollars, a way for us to say thank you for choosing eDarley. Starting today, account holders immediately receive 3% back with every purchase (some exclusions may apply). You can use your eDarley Dollars on all future online purchases. Sign up for an eDarley account to start earning your eDarley Dollars.

How do I qualify for eDarley Dollars?

All registered, logged in members of eDarley.com will automatically earn eDarley Dollars on each order. If you aren’t an eDarley.com member, you can register here.

How do I earn eDarley Dollars?

eDarley Dollars are earned on every eDarley.com purchase made while logged into the site. Besides purchases, you will also earn 10 eDarley Dollars for registering for an eDarley.com account. Additional eDarley Dollars can also be earned by taking part in special eDarley.com promotions. Some exclusions may apply.

How much is an eDarley Dollar worth?

Every eDarley Dollar is equal to $1.

How do I redeem eDarley Dollars?

eDarley Dollars must be redeemed online. A maximum of 25% of your purchase can be paid for with eDarley Dollars. Some exclusions may apply.

Do eDarley Dollars expire?

No, there is no expiration date on eDarley Dollars.

How long does it take to receive eDarley Dollars?

eDarley Dollars are automatically added to your account upon completion of an order. You cannot redeem eDarley Dollars on the same order you earn them on.

Can I redeem eDarley Dollars to cash?

No, eDarley Dollars are not redeemable for cash.

My department or company has an account, can we earn eDarley Dollars?

While fire department account members are eligible for eDarley Dollars, at this time businesses are not eligible.

How many eDarley Dollars do I earn each purchase?

While logged in 3% of every purchase will be converted into eDarley Dollars. Some exclusions may apply. Watch for special dates when extra eDarley Dollars can be earned.

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