Gorgui Classic

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Gorgui Classic
Gorgui Classic Gorgui Classic Gorgui Classic Gorgui Classic

The Gorgui Classic is a multi-purpose tool designed specifically for wildland firefighting. Born out of the experience and needs of the most advanced firefighting brigades, it combines all the most commonly used tools for wildland fire extinction into one versatile tool.


Multi-function Cutting Blade
The Gorgui Classic features a multi-function cutting blade adapted to McLeod USFS handles. The blade is made from 4mm (1/8 in) anti-wear material with a hardness of 450HB. The head is removable for easy transport.

Ergonomic Handle
The handle is made of eucalyptus wood, known for its excellent shock absorption properties. It is 1.25 m (49 in) long, with a variable diameter for different functions. The handle has a diameter of 31mm (1.2 in) and weighs 1.25 kg (2.75 lbs).

Cutting and Digging Function
The front of the tool features a digging function with an attack radius designed to favor cutting and stripping.

Removable Head
The Gorgui Classic has a removable head for better transport. The eucalyptus wood handle provides better absorption and distribution of impacts with a conical head.

Coupling System
The tool features a coupling system using a screw and 4 anti-rotation adjustment points, making it compatible with the traditional Mcleod handle.


  • Cutting Blades Material: Anti-wear Hardox® 450
  • Blades Resistances: 1400 N/mm2
  • Elastic Limit: 1200 N/mm
  • Harness: 415-500 HBW
  • Dimensions: 5" x 10.5" x 6.2" (125 x 268 x 158 mm)
  • Weight: 4.76 lbs. (2.16 kg)
  • Handle Material: Eucalyptus
  • Handle Length: 49" (1.25 m)
  • Average Diameter: 1.2" (31 mm)
  • Coupling System: A screw and 4-point anti-rotation adjustment (compatible with the traditional Mcleod handle)