Herramienta halligan de entrada

Estas herramientas halligan de entrada de alta resistencia fueron diseñadas para golpear, perforar, hacer palanca, torcer y cortar la mayoría de los obstáculos que pueda encontrar.

Due to manufacturer restrictions we are currently unable to sell this product outside of the United States. For more information please contact Karen Catanese at karencatanese@darley.com.

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Herramienta halligan de entrada
Herramienta halligan de entrada Paratech Hooligan Tool (FET) Animation

One of the world's most popular tools for forcible entry.

These heavy duty halligan entry tools were designed to pound, puncture, pry, twist, and cut most obstacles you may encounter. The hooligan entry tool features your choice of standard or metal cutting claw. Other features of this hooligan tool include machined groved non-slip grips, duckbill has long, smooth incline to force windows and interiors doors, pike is long, sharp, tapered and gently curved to fit a lock or latch, bright chrome finish. Shipping weight 13 lbs.

The Hooligan Tool Advantage

Features your choice of standard or metal cutting claw, machine-grooved non-slip grips.

Standard Claw

Parallel opening for gas valve shutoffs, locks and hasps. Machine sharpened claws. Recessed nail puller. Claw radius for prying leverage.

Metal Cutting Claw

Combines the capability of prying and metal cutting. Machine sharpened metal cutter uses can opener principle to cut heavy gauge metal and composites.