Adjustable Hydrant Wrench

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The Adjustable Hydrant Wrench cast ductile iron adjustable hydrant wrench is a reliable and versatile tool for professional use. Its adjustable fit, versatile head design, optimal length, and corrosion-resistant coating make it an essential tool for any firefighting or emergency water access needs. Experience the difference in quality and performance with the Adjustable Hydrant Wrenchhydrant wrench.
Adjustable Hydrant Wrench
Adjustable Hydrant Wrench

The Adjustable Hydrant Wrench is a versatile and durable hydrant wrench designed for various applications. It is made from cast ductile iron, ensuring robustness and longevity.

Key Features

  • Adjustable Fit: This hydrant wrench is designed to fit pentagon nuts up to 1 3/4” or square nuts up to 1 1/4”. This adjustability makes it suitable for a variety of hydrants.
  • Versatile Head Design: The head of the HWS-HW-HD features spanners for either pin or lug-style hose couplings, providing flexibility in use.
  • Optimal Length: With an overall length of 20″, this hydrant wrench provides the leverage needed for easy operation.
  • Corrosion-Resistant: TheAdjustable Hydrant Wrench hydrant wrench is zinc-chromate plated. This coating provides excellent resistance to corrosion, ensuring that the tool maintains its strength and functionality even in harsh environments.


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Harrington, Inc.

Harrington, Inc.

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Harrington manufactures Storz Adapters, LDH Appliances, V-Groove hose couplings and AWG Fittings for water delivery systems for the Fracking industry.

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Manufacturer Harrington, Inc.